Chartering a private yacht offers you the ultimate in comfort, privacy and flexibility. The boat and crew are dedicated only to you and your guests from the moment you board. With a private yacht you can simply anchor at more secluded spots and sail into serene, pine-clad bays and immaculate, find sand beaches that are accessible only by boat. But it is also possible to visit the more populous islands. With a private yacht, you can see at least one different island every day. Cruising allows you the luxury of only unpacking your bags once while touring many different areas.

Of course as all yachts are child-friendly, although the crew are always quite busy with their assigned duties and are not at liberty to offer childcare services. So if your charter party consists also children, you will be fully responsible for their safety, conduct and entertainment and no member of the crew shall be held responsible for their safety or entertainment.

Yachts do not permit guests to bring pets on board for several reasons. Crew is required to maintain rigid cleanliness standards for all their guests and there is a potential of allergens from animals remaining on board. Animals are typically not accustomed to the strict confinement of a ship and an active cruising itinerary can be quite uncomfortable for pets. Just like humans, animals can also be sensitive to the effects of motion and may become disoriented or lethargic.

Yes, all guests must carry valid passports even in the case the charter will take place entirely within the jurisdiction of the country where you embark. Visas, if applicable, are the responsibility of the charterer and must be secured in advance of the charter.

Your personal chef will prepare the menu to meet your requests. We will be sending you a food preference sheet to fill in, so you let us know your favorite foods and beverages. Your chef will usually provide a sample menu of the yacht’s cuisine. Chefs take great pride in their dishes and use the freshest ingredients available.

It is critical that you take time to have each member of your party complete the preference form that you will be provided to you in advance. It is critical to know of any allergies or serious aversions in advance.

This situation is hard to predict. In fact you may be the best judge based on previous experience. If you are worried about seasickness check with your local pharmacist for special medication before you leave home. If you are new to yacht chartering, let the crew know; they will make your trip as comfortable as possible by recommending routes in protected waters and keeping tabs on changing weather conditions.

For safety reasons, notably the prevention of fire, smoking is not permitted in the staterooms or cabins. Many yachts allow smoking in the salons and day areas, but an increasing number only allow smoking out on deck. If there are smokers in your party please tell your charter broker and be honest about your needs – we will do our best to ensure that you and the crew are well informed in advance. Substances that are illegal on land are also illegal on the yacht.

Almost all large yachts have full-equipped laundry facilities on board for the stewards to handle a large amount of linen and crew uniforms. Few yachts carry the guest’s laundry, however many crew are willing to take your laundry to the professionals ashore.

Many vessels are equipped with the very latest communications equipment including cellular service, global satellite telecommunications, personal computers and fax machines. If that is not the case, we can set you up with a mobile phone account for the duration of the charter at extra charge.

Professional crews are experienced with entertaining the yacht’s owner and guest, celebrities and prominent statesmen. They are trained to be discreet and to give you as much privacy as you desire.

The crew’s gratuity is entirely a matter for your personal discretion, should you feel satisfied with the level of service received on board, a usual gratuity amount is of 10% of the charter fee. We recommend that any gratuity should be handed to the captain to distribute fairly among all members of the crew.

Your charter agreement will detail insurance provisions: the yacht remains insured by the owner during your charter, however we recommend in some cases that you purchase liability coverage to protect you and your guests as well as personal effects from any unforeseen mishap.

The daily rates are quoted in our yacht listings – the size and amenities on board usually dictate pricing. Charter rates are specified in Euro. The charter agreement is standard for all yacht chartering companies in Greece. Terms of refund in case of cancellation are specified in the charter agreement.

The charter fee also includes all operational expenses, such us crew’s wages and their food, insurance on yacht and crew and harbour charges including water and/or electricity taken from the shore. Crewed yachts are also outfitted, at no extra charge, with leisure equipment such as dinghy with outboard motor, water-skis, windsurfer, snorkeling equipment, fishing equipment, television, video, stereo and often many more items, depending on the boat.

The charterer will be charged extra, at cost to the yacht, for all other operating expenses while on board such us; V.A.T., fuel, passenger’s food, wine and bonded goods (liquors) and personal laundry, Corinth Canal dues, private marina fees and an approximately 10 per cent surcharge for sailing in waters that are not Greek (covers port dues, agency rights, sanitary dues and legally required surcharge on crew’s wages).

We are at your disposal to analyze your trips parameters and consult with the captain to provide an estimate of these charges in advance. A good rule of thumb is to allow 25% of the charter fee towards expenses. This does not include gratuity to the crew, which is discretionary.

The choice of yacht for your cruise is very important to the success of your holiday.

World Expeditions listens to your requests and helps you select the yacht best suited to your needs. We will also advise on the right crew to complement the style of charter you may prefer. It is the combination of the right yacht and the right crew that will guarantee a charter to remember.

You may find it helpful to have a few guidelines on the different types of yachts available:


Motor yachts combine style, comfort and luxury. Outdoor areas are usually large while their indoor areas comfortably cater to guests’ requirements. Motor yachts might be either heavy displacement, that generally gives a cruising speed of between 10 and 14 knots, or fast planning motor yachts capable of continuous speeds in excess of 20 knots.


Gaff schooners combining wind, sail and the power of a motor blending tradition with comfort and the relaxed experience of sailing. Motor sailers have a more spacious interior than the performance sailing yacht, and a larger, robust machinery for cruising under power alone. Other advantages can be the additional deck space for sunbathing and dining areas plus increased storage for water sports equipment.


They rely on wind and sails aided by an auxiliary engine. Large sailing yachts combines exhilarating performance under sail with the ability to motor at speeds of up to 10 knots and luxurious facilities. A wonderful advantage is the total peace and quiet when the engine is turned off and you sail off into the sunset.

Of course you can map out your preferences. The most important advise is not to plan an itinerary that is too ambitious. What might seem fantastic on paper may in practice restrict your enjoyment. Trying to fit too much into each day will result in missing many delights en route. Approximately 4 hours cruising a day is a about the maximum, and you may find this far too much.

Just present your preferences to your captain and he will do his best to make it happen. Winds, weather and mood may alter plans, so plan to be flexible. Your captain will also suggest an itinerary, but you’re not locked into a program and free to waiver from this route. In any case, the captain, as master of the boat, has the last word.

Yacht charter is generally an informal and relaxed kind of holiday and dressing in Greece is casual. For clothing bring bathing suits, cotton shorts, T-shirts, an extra sweater and long cotton pants for cool nights and a light foul-weather gear for the occasional rainy days. Of course, you might also like to have the option for more formal attire for elegant dining and eveningwear.

Rubber-sole shoes for a firm grip on slippery decks, to prevent foot injury and to protect the boat’s surface is always recommended. The crew appreciates soft luggage instead of bulky space-consuming suitcases since on board storage may be limited. For sun protection, do bring your favorite sun block or sunscreen, sunglasses with an anti-ultraviolet coating and a hat, turban or headscarf. Last you may bring with you a small telescope for stargazing and a camera for daydreaming.